Humans and Animals Yawn, but Animals Definitely Cuter… This is Proof!

So all mammals yawn in some way and some are definitely cuter than others. I decided against posting pictures of humans yawn, although there are pics that would get a laugh for sure. I chose to focus on animals, ranging from something as small as a treeshrew to others as big as  a horse and a bear. Hope you enjoy these cute and funny animal pictures!

This meerkat below is not just yawning but looks like it’s going to fall asleep pretty soon… such a cutie.


As I already mentioned, there’s a bear… he’s cute too but can probably do a little more damage if woken abruptly.



Above is the lovely red panda having a little yawn for himself and I couldn’t leave out the guinea pig below.


If any of you have had house pets, you are sure to have seen them yawn too – perhaps like the husky dog and cat in the next couple of photos.



Are you yawning yet? It is contagious lol. Last but not least, there’s another creature I’d like to share… this little seal. Ok, well, there are two photos of seals. I couldn’t just choose one. I’m sure you’ll understand why.



So, yep, we all yawn, but it’s my personal opinion that these creatures are cuter than us humans. They seem to be naturally more photogenic than some of us, myself included, lol!



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