Keeping a Pet Pig

I haven’t known about keeping pet pigs for a long time but it does sound appealing. This is especially true once I learned just how wonderful they can be.

The first thing you might notice about a piglet is their cuteness. You can fall in love with them right away. They look like they are smiling. Once they get to know you, they will even trot up to you.


Having a pet pig isn’t for everyone. They show their affection a little differently than some animals. They won’t jump up and lick your face like a dog will. Instead, they’d prefer to lie down comfortably with their owner and get a cuddle. Piglets and grown pigs can really be loving and affectionate.

They can bite if they are annoyed just like other animals will. So you kind of have to learn about the piglet and how they like to be treated. Just like dogs and cats, they have their own personality too.

In case you are wondering, it’s possible to train a pet pig to take them for a walk. They are able to be placed on a leash and collar or harness.

Before you decide to get a pig to have as a pet, you might want to research the breeds. There are different kinds, and some grow bigger than others. If you don’t want one to grow as big as the mamma pig below, you’ll really want to check out the options, including the miniature breeds.


I hope you enjoyed these photos and all the best with your search for a pet pig/piglet! 🙂


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