Are You Afraid of Black Cats?

Chances are you’ve heard of black cats being associated with witchcraft, black magic, and other sorts of things. Around Halloween, it’s typical to see images of black cats with pumpkins, witches, and jack-o-lanterns.

Whether or not you believe all of these things, there is one thing that often concerns me – the mistreatment of black cats simply because they are black and they exist.

Out of all of the cats that I’ve had as pets or that my family has adopted, two have been black. One of them was a tuxedo cat and the other mostly black with a few white hairs here and there. They both had different personalities but neither one was evil and deserved to be mistreated. However, they had both been abandoned after having been abused. These turned out to be lovely cats.


I just wanted to get it out there that just like people, we shouldn’t mistreat animals for any reason. Halloween will be here in another couple of months and the legends of evil magical black cats will be out there again. Please, if you see a black cat, whether on this day or any other, be friendly and say hi. You never know, it might turn out to be the friendliest cat you’ve ever met.


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