Picture Perfect Animal Poses

Sometimes an animal will sit or stand and look at the camera. It’s as if they know what’s going on. On other occasions, you have to keep your camera ready at all times just in case the moment arrives with that perfect animal pose.

I have to admit with the pets I’ve had, they sit there perfectly until the camera goes off and then they move… I am left with a lovely blur of what could have been. Thankfully, other people have had more luck. Here are some lovely picture perfect animal poses that I fell in love with and hope you do too. 🙂


Not a house pet, naturally, so I’d imagine a little more difficult to obtain… this lovely leopard is a gorgeous one!



Yep, an alpaca with the perfect hairdo. He must have known it was picture day.



This little donkey looks a little sleepy but still stayed upright for its photo.



I can imagine this kitty cat was expecting some treats after for such good behavior!



I’m thinking this little guy got some treats too!



Yeah, there must have been a memo for this group shot the night before lol…



What a beauty, this canine even wore its favorite scarf 😀 .



And yes, I couldn’t forget this elegant fellow.

So, I come to the end of the list… I’m sure there will be more of these photo portraits to come… cause there are never too many cute animal pictures!



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