A Tribute To Squirrels – They’re Just So Cute!

Unfortunately, sometimes these little guys are known as rodents, but they are very cute small animals, no matter what you call them.

Growing up, we had over half a dozen squirrels that used to visit out home. We had a feeder put outside. As kids, we always used to watch for them after school. They were so cute, how they nibbled away on their food.

As an adult, I still love to see these small creatures. Every now and then, I’ll see one in the woods behind the house, or one will run across the road.


Depending on their experience with humans, squirrels can be quite friendly. At the park, sometimes it’s possible to approach them with some nuts or seeds. If they already eating, you can watch them nibble on whatever they have found.

Even though I love these little animals, I can’t very well put out a bowl of food for them where I live now… the cat next door might like it but the squirrels wouldn’t. So, I will continue to look for them in the woods and in the park – wherever they might happen to be.

You might be wondering the point of this post. I guess it was just a bit of nostalgia. Seeing a few of these animals around and remembering the times of feeding the 6 or 7 when I was a kid.

Anyway, squirrels are cute little creatures that I’ve grown to love. I only hope that someone else out there things there as lovely too. 🙂



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