Awesome Animal Art

There are artists of all kinds. Since I love animals, some of the best art, in my opinion, is that which features animals. So today, I decided to feature some awesome animal art.


You have to admit that this is a beautiful grizzly bear. There are some fine lines in there so you can see the hair on the bear. The features are done very well.



This tiger is more of an abstract piece of art. It’s unique and colorful while adding a very real image of a tiger in the middle.



Yes, even cartoons like this owl are pieces of art. This particular piece is very cute and people of any age can enjoy it.



An unusual elephant indeed but a gorgeous one at that. This beautiful piece of animal art is colorful, unique, and amazing.



There is a lot of detail put into this cat art – the fur, the nose, the eyes. And speaking of the eyes, aren’t they absolutely stunning? I love the color. If you look closely, there are details put into the color of the eyes as well. Amazing!



I love the layers in this African art. The black foreground on top of the map is awesome. The contrast really makes this art.

I hope you like this stunning art. If you have any suggestions of animal art that you want to see, feel free to let me know!


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