Lazy Kitty Cats – Pictures Than Cat Lovers Must See

Any cat lover will tell you that they are the cutest creatures ever… they are also smart, sneaky, mischievous, and the list goes on. Well, here are some pictures to remind you of their softer and dopier side. 🙂


To start off the cuteness journey, these cute little kittens. Don’t you just want to cuddle them all up?



Okay so you probably know that cats can sleep just about anywhere… here’s more proof. I’m not really sure where the cat ends and where the cat bed begins lol but it certainly is adorable.



This “little” kitty certain has it made. He even has his own couch! Lol, looks mighty comfy. 🙂



It’s okay, you can say it…. “Awwww”. Yea, what a cutie. This little kitty looks so relaxed and happy… although he still knows something is going on around him with his ears all perked up.



Just like a lot of cats, or virtually any cat, this one still has his eyes open. They have the knack of looking like they are asleep but keeping an eye or two open.



There’s nothing quite so adorable as seeing an animal cuddled up to a stuffed toy. Just gotta love it – this kitty cat included. Whether a cat toy or not, he’s certainly loving his cuddles.

So hopefully, these cat lover pictures were enough to make you smile for the rest of the day, I know they’ll work for me! 🙂


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