Awesome Halloween 2016 Dog Costumes

I’m sure you won’t be surprised when you discover the reason for choosing dog costumes rather than any other type of pet… yes, they are some of the only pets that will allow you to put them into a costume and actually stay in it. If I tried to put a costume on my cat, well, there wouldn’t be much of a costume left.

If you are looking for dog costumes for Halloween 2016, here are some ideas. Some are cuter than others… some, you can simply hope that the dog has a nice personality. You’ll know the one I’m talking about!


This little one looks ready for vacation. I’m sure he’ll get some treats in that outfit!



I don’t know about you, but it’s the cutest pumpkin I’ve ever seen. What a great costume for Halloween 2016!



These costumes… well, they are getting ready for winter. I’ve seen people less costumed than this and they still get candy, so why can’t these darling dogs?



No one is allowed to touch his candy… can you tell? Lol, so now you know which one I was referring to when I mentioned the nice personality!


More pumpkins. Yes, the pumpkin is a fairly common choice but no dog looks exactly the same in one of these. Plus the canine on the left opted to wear a wreath along with it.



This little devil probably isn’t so little… but well behaved all the same!



He’s a duck… can’t you tell? He used his own imagination. It was a DIY project lol.


Well, here’s some Halloween 2016 costume ideas. Some are probably cuter than they are practical, but hey… not all pups can be put into the pumpkins!




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