Animal Illustrations As Clear As Photos!

I have never been able to draw… well, except for stick people but that’s not included lol. So when I see illustrations as clear as photographs, I am amazed. There are some people with a lot of talent out there.

For this post, I want to share some illustrations that are as clear or clearer than photographs. Given, some might have been edited through image editors – that’s a detail I don’t know. Whatever the case, these animal illustrations are stunning.


This illustration has a lot going on. Sheep, a teddy bear, two children, deer and it’s babies… and even a great landscape. If the subject matter weren’t arranged as such, it could come off as a real photograph.



I love this illustration. I think the colors and how the scenery is arranged in amazing. The chameleon stands out perfectly. And again, the amount of detail is a wow factor.



The bald eagle has always had the respect of a lot of people. Thus, it is not just in a lot of photographs but illustrations as well. This one caught my attention because the bird is so clear in the image.



This image reminds me of Sleeping Beauty… the beautiful forest, the animals all there getting along. The only thing missing is the singing girl. Whatever the artist had in mind, they did a wonderful job.



This illustration is almost at the opposite end of the one missing Sleeping Beauty. It is darker and gives a completely different picture. However, it is still magnificent and really creates an atmosphere.

I absolutely love these illustrations. Sure, they may have had a little editing with some digital software, but I’m really not sure. There are people can do all of this type of artwork including the smallest detail with their pencils, paint brushes, and other tools. Kudos to these brilliant people!


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